Goto NEWS  UPDATED   23rd July
Wednesday 23rd July 2014.


On the 31st July I am retiring from full time Teaching.
I have been teaching for he last 20 years up till last year 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. So the time has come to step back.

As from Friday 1st August Phil Harris, 2nd Dan, will take over running DKC ltd. He has been teaching for me for the last year and has proved he can do the job.
I shall still be Teaching Lonny Wilsoncroft club for the time being.

To contact Phil email

I wish Phill all the best for the future and all of you too.
Thanks for your support over the last 17 years you are all fantastic.
I shall pop into the classes from time to time to make sure you are doing things properly LOL if Phil lets me.

Good Luck to you all for the future.

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